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Submitting A Custom Item Request: Please Read.

Below you will find a Contact Form to submit your custom inquiry. Use The Contact Form To Submit A Rosary or Jewelry Repair Request.


Please include as much detail as possible about the item you are requesting and specifications of the item.


Please include links to photos or other relevant information so we can get a sense of what it is you are looking for.


Please include what type of metal you want your item to be made of Ex: 14k gold or sterling silver.


Please include what type of gemstones you want Ex. Lapis, Pearl, Jade etc.

*** A note about precious metals and gemstones.

Prices for precious metals fluctuate with the stock market. Rio Grande (where Sixty Beads purchases precious metals) list the price per troy ounce daily on their home page. Market fluctuations will effect the estimate given for precious metals and may actually lower the cost to our customers-or raise the cost.


     Sixty Beads does not routinely stock precious metals and precious gems. Instead we buy what is needed to complete a custom order. This will require that materials be purchased upfront by the customer after an agreement is made to accept the order. We will give you a firm estimate as to the cost of metals and gemstones and at that point you will be able to either accept or reject the price and cancel or modify the request. ***

Please take note. After materials are purchased you will be expected to pay for the finished product. We will resize or modify a product to your specifications once order is received by the customer.


There are no refunds on custom made products. Period.


Custom made products  are yours to keep once final payment is received and the item is shipped to you. 

Your acknowlegment and consent is required at every step in the custom order process so that there are no misunderstandings. We want our customers to be sure of their purchase before they consent to starting their custom order.


Please include what occasion this item is for so that we can advise you on what might be appropriate for your needs. 

Please include the time frame that you need your item in. Be advised that everything is handmade and because of this a reasonable amount of time needs to be given to complete your items.


Please refer to our Weddings page to inquire about Lazo Rosary for your big day!

Lastly, please include convenient contact information and how you prefer to be contacted so that Gabby can connect with you to discuss your ideas. 

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